JOIN US January 27

CAMPAIGN KICKOFF PARTY! Join my family and me in officially kicking off my campaign! We will be hosting a party at Varsity Inn on January 27th from 3-5 p.m. We will have activities for the kids, food and refreshments for all. Join me in jumpstarting a fight for our future!

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Of the people...

I have lived and worked in Colorado for 18 years. My beautiful wife and girls love our life here. We care about our neighborhood, city and state in the way that most do. I've decided to run because the pressures of the current climate call for action. I ask you to join me by donating your hard earned money and trust that I will always do the best for our district and state.

What Can you do?

Our campaign needs finances and helping hands to spread the word. Please consider giving. Thank you!

Checks can be made payable to KolkerforHD38 and sent to:
6896 South Cook Way  Centennial, CO 80122