Of the people...

I have lived and worked in Colorado for 18 years. I'm the son of a father who worked over thirty years on the John Deere assembly line. He was represented by the UAW and was able to provide for his family and make sure we were all able to go to college.

My beautiful wife and girls love our life here. We care about our neighborhood, city and state in the way that most do. We love waking up and walking out to see the mountains. We love going on hikes through the beautiful parks throughout our community.

I've decided to run because the pressures of the current climate calls for action. The residents of House District 38 are not receiving the representation they deserve from our current representative and this campaign will bring the level-headed and common-sense approach to the legislature this district deserves.

Together we will make our voices heard in November and bring the change our district has so desperately been wanting to see from our state representation.


What Can you do?

This is a people-powered campaign
Getting a Democrat in this seat will rely on the hard work of volunteer political action. To get involved with the campaign, visit http://kolkerforcolorado.com/getinvolved.

Our campaign relies on small individual contributions and helping hands to spread the word. Please consider giving. Thank you!

Checks can be made payable to Kolker for HD38 and sent to:
6896 South Cook Way  Centennial, CO 80122

You can also make a donation by visiting our online donation page at https://secure.actblue.com/donate/kolkerforhd38.